Clinical Trials Services

MMI has extensive experience providing medical imaging for industry-led pharmaceutical clinical trials. Conducting imaging and support for over 70 clinical trials, MMI is accredited with multiple central readers and quality assurance is regulated by our standard operating procedures. We offer whole body imaging across all modalities (CT, MRI, PET, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, X-Ray) backed by state-of-the-art technology built to meet Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards. Our strong working relationship with PET radiopharmaceutical manufacturer Cyclotek Pty Ltd enables access to an ever-expanding list of PET radiopharmaceuticals. These qualities have resulted in MMI’s selection as the only site in the Southern Hemisphere to participate in the prestigious PPMI study.

MMI has a unique understanding of the clinical landscape and appreciation of trial timelines, which drives our scheduling flexibility. Our dedicated research team is led by a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, providing the team with extensive knowledge of good research practices. We strive to lead the way in medical imaging.

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