Dr Adeola Ayoola: Clinical Lead Macquarie Theranostics. A new treatment for prostate cancer.

Dr Ayoola is in an exceptional position, dual qualified as a Cancer Care Specialist (Medical Oncology) and Theranostics/Molecular imaging Specialist (Nuclear medicine Physician), you are in good hands!

Earlier in my career, witnessing the demise of a 35 year old teacher and 28 year old dear colleague from cancer related causes and its impact on their young families, I sought postgraduate Specialty training in Oncology. The journey on Cancer Specialisation took me thru various time zones, hospitals and across different states’.

He started his basic training in Internal Medicine thru Waikato and Rotorua Hospitals in New Zealand, completed in Darwin and Canberra Hospitals in Australia. His Subspeciality training in Medical Oncology training was at the Calvary Mater Hospital, followed by an Oncology Clinical Trials Research fellowship in early to late phase clinical trials thru the Center for Innovation in Cancer care in Adelaide. 

After completion of his Sub-speciality training, Dr Ayoola proceeded to further sub-sub-speciality training in Nuclear Oncology (Molecular imaging and theranostics) in NSW and Brisbane.

He obtained his dual Specialist qualifications thru The Royal Australasian College of Physicians, in Medical Oncology & Molecular Imaging/Theranostics (Nuclear Medicine).

He currently straddles his expertise working as a Medical Oncology and Molecular Imaging/Theranostics Specialist in the Public Hospital system and at Macquarie University Hospital. His domain of expertise is in Solid tumours with special interests in Lower GI, Prostate, Breast, Colorectal cancers and Melanoma. He is the Clinical Lead for the Theranostics service platform.

Dr Ayoola is an Alumni of the prestigious Imperial College Business School, London where he recently completed his MBA graduating with a Merit.

For further information regarding Macquarie Theranostics please contact MMI and read the previous news blog regarding theranostics at MMI.

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