MMI Merges with MQ Health

Macquarie Medical Imaging (MMI) and MQ Health are excited to announce that they will be merging with the purpose of improving the overall quality and accuracy of patient care. They will merge effective 7th  December 2019, with MMI still retaining its brand name, under the MQ Health overarching banner. MQ Health is a comprehensive provider of medical services, while MMI provides best-in-class imaging and interpretation. Together, they will be able to better serve patients, improve their lives and outcomes, and streamline the services delivered through the Macquarie University Hospital system.

Better Services through Working Together

MMI and MQ Health already work in similar spaces, leveraging research and technology to improve their patients’ lives. 

MMI has a focus on imaging and interpretation, while MQ Health has a strong basis in integrated clinical care, research, and learning. As both are located within the Macquarie University Hospital system, they will be able to further leverage each other’s knowledge and resources to provide quality patient-centred care. 

This merger will ensure MMI and MQ Health work as an integrated entity, with greater access to programs and technology and improved efficiency and reduced overhead, which ultimately provides better services for their clients, collaborative research projects, and more advanced clinical trials.

Better Access to a Larger Variety of Clinics, Services, and Programs

MQ Health aims to always put the patient first, supporting them with evidence-driven research and learning. MQ Health prioritises caring, integrity, teamwork, ambition, innovation, and engagement, and strives to be a world-class university health sciences centre.

Patients can now have better access to a wide array of clinics, services, and programs available through MQ Health. 

MQ Health provides a number of specialised clinics with exceptional expertise such as the following:

  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Preventative therapy. 

Patients can take advantage of state-of-the-art care at the Macquarie University Hospital. This private not-for-profit hospital is operated by the university, using research and evidence to ensure that patients are provided with only the best possible care.

Dedicated to improving patients’ lives, MQ Health takes pride in its programs. Bone and joint treatment, cancer treatment, critical care, neuroscience care, and more can be procured through MQ Health. MMI patients will gain access to this comprehensive network of healthcare and will consequently be able to see better patient outcomes. 

Better Patient Care through Advanced Medical Imaging Techniques

MMI dedicates itself to only the highest quality: high-quality imaging, interpretation, life, and care. 

MMI’s world-class facilities provide an all-in-one shop for scanning and imaging, with advanced technology that provides for the most accurate of reporting. MMI can provide research-grade imaging and interpretation, with full integration to on-site hospital services and clinical specialists. 

MQ Health will be able to use the advanced medical imaging techniques of MMI to introduce new services. MMI has services such as on-site pathology, hospital integration, and research-grade imaging. 

In terms of imaging, MMI produces CT, MRI, ultrasound, mammography, nuclear medicine, and x-ray scanning, making it an extraordinarily comprehensive imaging centre. These imaging technologies will be able to be leveraged by MQ Health patients for better diagnostics and medical care.

MMI has an extremely experienced, talented team of specialists who are able to analyse and interpret imaging results, thereby improving the experience for patients and referrers. Located in the Macquarie University Hospital, MMI is primed to work with and merge with MQ Health.

MMI and MQ Health: Paving the Way to World-Class Clinical Care, Teaching, and Research

MMI and MQ Health are dedicated to furthering knowledge and research as well as ensuring that clients get the best care possible. 

With values and mission statements that are very closely aligned, both organisations are optimistic that the merger will have an exceptionally positive impact on patient care and patient outcomes. 

If you want more information about the MMI and MQ Health merger, contact us today.

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