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Over the last 14 months, I have had the opportunity to visit over 120 GP practices and to talk to hundreds of GPs. Today it was my great pleasure to visit Cherrybrook Medical Centre and to discuss medical imaging with nine GP doctors on duty that day. We discussed many aspects of advanced medical imaging protocols and their application to their practice and to their patients.

The GPs at Cherrybrook Medical Centre were pro-active and engaged in the discussion. I was impressed with their willingness to learn more regarding new medical imaging procedures considering each doctor was fully booked that day. Overall an impressive GP medical centre with dedicated doctors and staff.

My approach to these meetings is to centre the discussions around case studies; at this event, it was several interesting nuclear medicine bone scan cases that we reviewed together. These case studies were referred to MMI by general practitioners and gives an interesting glimpse into the range of conditions that GP will come across in their practice.

If you wish to make a similar educational session at your practice please contact Helen Economides Medical Liaison Team Leader on:

  • 02 94301100

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    Marko Trifunovic Head of Nuclear Medicine and PET: SPECT/CT fusion bone scan of the wrist

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