MMI Supporting Medical Training in the North Shore.

On the 4th of June MMI had the pleasure of sponsoring the Sydney North Health Network evening workshop entitled: Essential ECG Reading for General Practice. 

The event was held in the Epping Club who’s hospitality was as always superb. The museum at the Epping Club is exceptional.

The guest speaker was the highly experienced Mr Royce Webb. Royce holds the position of Nation Training Manager for Cynergex. Royce is an experienced advanced-practice paramedic who delivers advanced life support training to medical and dental professionals nationwide. He has extensive knowledge of pre-hospital care in the management of major incidents and trauma. Royce gave an in-depth, highly practical and interactive seminar on ECG readings in the practice.

MMI was represented by:

Helen Economides, Medical Liaison Team Leader

Shweta Mago, Customer Service Manager

Marko Trifunovic, Head of Nuclear Medicine and PET

Our staff had the opportunity to talk to all the delegates regarding medical imaging and developments in the field. Discussions outside of the workplace are a great opportunity to learn from each other. We look forward to the next event and hope to see you all there.

Featured Photograph: Shweta Mago, Helen Economides, and
Royce Webb

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