MMI supporting the Australian Indian Medical Graduates Association Inc.

MMI had the great pleasure in sponsoring an educational event organised by the Australian Indian Medical Graduates Association at the Parra Villa reception lounge. The guest speaker was Dr Sumit Raniga from Macquarie University Hospital. With a background in molecular medicine, including gene therapy, as well as orthopedic surgical sciences, including biomechanics – Dr Raniga has a proven track record in cutting edge research with numerous publications in international peer-reviewed journals. He is involved in developing and implementing a world-class centre of excellence in shoulder and elbow research, that not only produces science that influences surgical practice, but also trains the academic surgeons of tomorrow.

The Australian Indian Medical Graduates Association is well-positioned to continue its collaborative and educational focus for its members. Education through sharing of medical experience and educational gatherings are essential in maintaining patient care excellence. Dr Raniga’s discussion on advancements in shoulder surgeries was entirely fascinating as his talk was from his own medical experience in this field. By the end of the lengthy question time, we were all practicing Dr Raniga’s shoulder assessment exercises. Dr Raniga’s approach was based on treating the patient not just now to increase the patient’s movement but also to set up the best scenario for potential intervention in 10-15 years time.

MMI was represented by:

  • Helen Economides, Marketing Team Leader
  • Marko Trifunovic, Head of Nuclear Medicine and PET

Helen and Marko had the opportunity to discuss at length many issues regarding medical imaging. Marko stayed on with the group of doctors late into the evening discussing the many practical applications of nuclear medicine.

Our team at MMI are always prepared to answer your questions regarding medical imaging. Do not hesitate to contact us at MMI.

The Australian Indian Medical Graduates Association welcomes any inquiries and are best contacted through the following website:

Together we are leading the way in medical imaging.

Marko Trifunovic Head of Nuclear Medicine and PET

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