MMI transitioning to online delivery of services

Carestream, the largest supplier of radio-graphic film in Australia, has recently announced that they are withdrawing from Australia, from 1st October 2019. As a result, MMI will change how images will be delivered to patients and referrers.

The transition from hard copies of studies to electronic delivery was inevitable and the imaging industry has responded with new products for secure and efficient storage and distribution of images. MMI welcomes these changes as they are not only better for patient care but are more environmentally friendly. MMI has invested in these new technologies and is well positioned for this transition with minimal disruption.

Over the next few months, MMI will start to:

  • Send images and reports directly to patients via password protected applications.
  • Introduce a zero footprint viewer so that images can be reviewed through standard web browsers.

The current electronic delivery of reports and images using EDI directly into your practice management software will continue. MMI remains dedicated in leading the way in medical imaging.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact MMI for further Information.

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