Breast Imaging

What is Mammogram?

Mammogram is the leading modality to detect breast cancer in its early stages, which is when it is most curable. MMI offers a comprehensive suite of breast imaging services like 3D Digital Mammogram with tomosynthesis, Breast Ultrasound, Breast MRI, and specialised breast procedures including core biopsies and hookwire localisation. It’s all delivered by our specialist team of MRI radiographers, sonographers and radiologists.



Modality Indications Instructions
Screening Mammogram Asymptomatic Private Fee Only Remove all deodorant and talcum powder prior to attending

Bring old films

Diagnostic Mammogram Past history of breast cancer

Family history of breast cancer

Symptoms or indications of breast malignancy

Focal lump/thickening/dimpling (rather than generalized/cyclical)

Nipple change and discharge

Rebate Available
Ultrasound In association with mammogram Young women under 30
Where malignancy is suspected
Rebate Available Bring old films
Breast MRI Various Limited Rebate Available MRI Questionnaire
  • Core: Tissue diagnosis
  • Fine needle: Drainage/limited diagnosis
Rebate Available Review previous films
Hookwire Localisation Pre-operative with ultrasound or stereotactic guidance Rebate Available