What is DEXA?

Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) combines two X-ray beams with different energy levels to measure a patient’s bone mineral density (BMD). It can also be used to generate a Total Body Composition report, which is useful for monitoring muscle bulk and fat content and observing any changes following a new treatment or training regimen.

Preparation: No special requirement



Medicare Rebates are available for DEXA BMD studies based on the following criteria:

Item Number Description
12306 1 or more fractures after minimal trauma

Monitoring low BMD proven by previous bone densitometry

1 service only in 24 months
12312 Prolonged glucocorticoid therapy

Conditions associated with excess glucocorticoid secretion

Male hypogonadism

Female hypogonadism lasting more than 6 months before age of 45

1 service only in 12 months
12315 Primary hyperparathyroidism

Chronic liver or renal disease

Proven malabsorption disorders

Rheumatoid arthritis

Overactive thyroid disease

1 service only in 24 months
12321 Measurement of BMD 12 months following a significant change in therapy for established low BMD

Measurement of BMD after confirmation of a presumptive diagnosis of low BMD after one or more fractures

1 service only in 12 months
12320 Patient over 70 years of age
No previous BMD or
Previous BMD T-score -1.5 and higher
1 service only in 5 years
12322 Patient over 70 years of age
Previous BMD T-score between -1.5 and -2.4
1 service only in 24 months
No Rebate Asymptomatic

Patient is below 70 years of age and does not fit into another group

Not Covered Joint pain


Arimidex – Breast cancer drug related to osteoporosis

Family history


Private Fee Total Body Composition